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Healix International is relied upon to look after the welfare of millions of expatriates, travellers and local nationals in every country of the world, 24 hours a day. Our clients include some of the world's most respected Multi-National Corporations, Governments, NGOs and Insurers.


Healix International is the company that the British Government entrusts to look after the welfare of its travelling and expatriate workforce. Working on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Healix provides medical assistance, primary and secondary medical care, evacuation services and occupational healthcare to over 19,000 British Government employees and their families in more than 190 different countries.


Healix International was founded in 1992 by two leading experts in international healthcare delivery, Dr. Peter Mason and Dr. Paul Beven, with the specific charter to provide an exceptional quality of care to those under its charge. Since then, Healix has built a well-deserved reputation for consistently delivering service excellence. This reputation has been built on the foundations of:


Great People


We are justifiably proud of our people. Healix invests heavily in the quality of our staff; we maintain the highest ratio of clinically trained medical personnel in the industry by some margin. Considerable care and investment is also dedicated to the quality of our working environment at Healix and we are consistently recognized as being one of the very best companies to work for (Sunday Times 'Best Companies to Work For'). This has two very positive benefits for our clients: our reputation has allowed us to recruit from the very best candidates in the industry; and once they join Healix they stay long-term, allowing our customers to benefit from the very highest levels of experience and commitment within our service teams.


Unique, Best-in-Class Service Models


Healix deploys a unique, 'nurse led' service model that enables us to provide an exceptional level of service to our customers from the very first moment of contact. Every Healix case is managed, from the very first call, by a critical care nurse, and this nurse then becomes the customer's single point of contact, liaising with the customer and providing advice and reassurance throughout. This service model ensures that our customers receive the benefit of empathy, deep experience and medical expertise from the first moment that they have contact with Healix. Healix's 'nurse led' model is unique in the industry and eliminates the frustrating delays, unnecessary repetition and impersonal service that is often experienced with standard service models. Our medical teams are supported by a panel of 21 internationally renowned specialist consultants who provide world-class expertise across a comprehensive range of medical specializations, and are backed by a best-in-class, proprietary technology infrastructure and well honed operating procedures.


Global Reach


Healix looks after the welfare of millions of expatriates, travellers and local nationals in every country of the world, including the most hostile and challenging of environments. We maintain a network of over 22,000 primary and secondary healthcare providers globally, and last year acted on over 450,000 requests for medical assistance. We managed over 35,000 acute in-patient medical cases in over 160 different countries last year, and carried out more than 2,200 aero-medical evacuations from over 110 different countries.


Queen's Award for Innovation

Healix International's medical screening utilizes state-of-the-art, Queen's Award winning technology to provide a convenient, easy to use, rapid and cost effective service to its customers.  



 Re:Locate Aware Winner

'Global Health and Wellbeing' Provider of the Year Award (2013/14)


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