Commercial Airline Support

Airline Medical Support

Healix International enables airlines to better support the health needs of its passengers and crew, both in the air and on the ground.

Crew Support

Healix provides a comprehensive, integrated and global service that  helps airlines to better support the medical welfare of their crews and travelling employees wherever they may be.  The service, available 24/7, provides a single number to call to gain immediate access to expertise, advice and help on the ground.

The service provides crew members and travelling employees with immediate access to critical care nurses and doctors who provide a comprehensive range of medical assistance services, including:


  • General medical and travel health advice
  • Arrangement and payment of International medical and dental appointments and referrals
  • International medical second opinions
  • Management and monitoring of international medical cases
  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation

Passenger Medical Support

Healix provides a comprehensive, end-to-end medical support service that enables airlines to better  manage the welfare of their passengers, including:


  • At gate medical screening service:provides gate staff and crew with immediate telephone access to experienced flight nurses and doctors in order to determine a passenger's fitness to fly.  Healix's doctors and nurses have deep expertise in aeromedicine, and are highly experienced in the processes and guidelines that airlines use to deal with requests for medical clearance.
  • Inflight medical support: provides cabin crews with immediate access to specialist Accident and Emergency consultants in the event of a medical problem whilst in the air.  Access to specialist support, combined with suitable training and the appropriate on-board equipment, enables cabin crews to ensure the welfare of passengers whilst minimizing potential disruptions caused by unnecessary diversions.  Healix International and its partner, the Cambridge University Hospital, are able to offer airlines crews with access to some of the world's leading emergency medicine specialists who are expert in the provision of remote medical support, 24/7. 
  • Post-flight support: provides on-going support to passengers who have suffered from a medical problem during a flight including, where necessary, admission to an appropriate medical facility, medical case management and repatriation.