International Medical Screening

International Medical Screening

Many of the illnesses and health related problems suffered by business travellers and expatriates whilst overseas are both predictable and preventable.  Every year, large numbers of business travellers, expatriates, and their families are sent overseas with pre-existing medical conditions and little or no knowledge about how those conditions may best be managed in their destination countries.  This results in significant disruption, failed assignments, and, in many cases, serious illness, unplanned medical evacuations and significant costs.


Healix International's industry leading medical screening service works to reduce international medical risk by ensuring that:


  • Employees and their families are well prepared for overseas travel.   Healix ensures that: the ability of host-country healthcare facilities to deal with pre-existing conditions are well understood; prescription regimes are modified to ensure they are viable and legal in the host country; appointments can be arranged with leading physicians and specialists in the host country; workplaces can be modified to ensure that occupational health issues are managed appropriately; on-going medical advice, support and second opinion can be received from Healix's medical team throughout the assignment.
  • Employees and their families are not put into a position where their health is placed at unreasonable risk. Healix ensures that the healthcare facilities in the host country are capable of adequately supporting  pre-existing illnesses and the complications that may arise from these illnesses. 
  • The financial risks of certain assignments are well understood.  Healix helps organizations to better understand the potential medical costs associated with specific assignments in high cost or high risk locations, thereby helping those organizations to make more informed investment decisions.

Healix International's medical screening utilizes state-of-the-art, Queen's Award winning technology to provide a convenient, easy to use, rapid and cost effective service to its customers.  Employees and their families access the service on-line, or via telephone, and are guided through a series of questions by a highly sophisticated medical analytics program that assesses pre-existing conditions, medical history and lifestyle factors.  Healix's doctors and nurses, who are expert in international healthcare delivery, then use this information to provide advice and make recommendations.  Healix's understanding of international healthcare means that our advice takes on a unique and critically important dimension; an individual's medical needs are assessed against the specific healthcare regimes of each destination country, thereby providing the necessary context to make the screening truly effective. Healix conducts 12 million screenings a year in one form or another, depending upon client requirements.

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Queen's Award for Innovation

Our medical screening utilizes state-of-the-art, Queen's Award winning technology to provide a convenient, easy to use, rapid and cost effective service to its customers.  


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