International Occupational Health

International Occupational Health

Our International Occupational Health Services provides specialist, independent occupational health advice to our multi-national clients.

Management referrals & ill health retirement cases

Our occupational health team offers an independent, confidential service where referrals are treated with dignity and courtesy. The Management Referral service is provided to senior staff offering expert advice and support on how to manage staff members whose health issues may be impacting their ability to fulfil their job role. The benefits of referral include:


  • Helping staff to remain at work who may otherwise require time off
  • Obtaining advice on fitness for work
  • Advice on supporting staff back to work following a period of sickness absence
  • Access to rehabilitation services
  • Help in devising phased returns so staff make a successful return
  • Advice on temporary or permanent adjustments when supporting staff back to work
  • Assistance in complying with the Equality Act 2010
  • An improvement in attendance, reducing costs to the individual and to the organisation
  • A positive, proactive approach to health and wellbeing increases morale
  • Manage staff in a fair, consistent manner, balancing their needs with their job role priorities and requirements.

Our services are supplied by a team of specialist clinicians who work to the highest standards of health and wellbeing, centred on the prevention and management of illness, injury or disability affecting the workplace. We aim to promote and maintain the highest degree of physical, mental and social wellbeing for workers in all occupations by working staff and employers to resolve issues in the workplace that have an adverse effect on health.


Expert Medical Opinion Service

Insurers managing claims related to health, for personal injury, ASU, critical illness, PMI, disability or other policies frequently find that the facts of the case are open to interpretation. Healix provides a source of high-quality medical information with specific expertise in the medical or surgical discipline and in associated insurance, legal and regulatory issues. Employers and insurers are often asked to consider ill-health retirement claims, with major financial consequences. Healix helps ensure that correct, fair and justifiable decisions are made first time. Individuals faced with a dreadful disease diagnosis may want confirmation that their diagnosis and prognosis and further options are correct. Healix can provide the reassurance of an expert medical opinion. We collate all medical information and arrange the appropriate reviews, either 'medical file reviews' or face-to-face with a consultant, either in the UK or internationally.


Wellbeing services

We can also provide clients with Wellbeing Services including Consultancy, Wellbeing Fairs and Workshops, Biometric Health Checks, DIY Health Check Points, Wellbeing Champions Programmes and Lifestyle Coaching.